Wildcat bus strike in Belfast wins reinstatement

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Apr 20 2012 17:32
Wildcat bus strike in Belfast wins reinstatement

Be great to hear reports from the ground.


Metro bus drivers go back to work in Belfast

Metro bus drivers in Belfast have returned to work after staging strike action on Friday.

They are claiming one of their colleagues has been unfairly disciplined.

They returned to work after their colleague was reinstated on full pay.

Translink management are to meet with union representatives on Monday to discuss the issue.

Earlier, Michael Dornan of the bus drivers union Unite said: "We're standing up for something that we believe is right. Our colleague has been unnecessarily suspended; the company needs to look at that."

In a statement, Translink said: "This action is not necessary and will only serve to inconvenience our passengers."

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Apr 21 2012 19:16

Report from Derry Anarchists.