"We don't like samba" - film on recent struggles in Brazil

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Red Marriott
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Jul 10 2014 19:29
"We don't like samba" - film on recent struggles in Brazil

An excellent film about recent diverse struggles unifying in Brazil in the period leading up to the 2014 World Cup; including mass protests against public transport fare rises, demonstrations against police repression in the favelas, the black bloc and strikes by teachers and garbage workers in opposition to the state and ‘their’ unions.

“We don´t like samba”, 2014
Until recently, Brazil was one of the shooting-stars of the BRIC states. But after a decade of economic growth, the social cement began to crumble. Many people can no longer see a better future in the credit-based boom of the past years. One year before the World Cup and three years before the Olympics came the big bang. The biggest mass movement in decades emerged after the costs for public transportation rose in June 2013. Inspired by that insurrection, social struggles are now spreading like woldfire: workers going on wildcat strikes, young women mobilizing against the visit of the Pope, people fighting against urbanization projects. And in many favelas, resistance against militarization and displacement is on the rise. “We are not samba dancers” say the striking garbage workers known as “Garis” in one interview. “We are rebels”. They and other rebels tell their story in this documentary: We don’t like Samba.
“We don’t like Samba” made its unofficial premiere at the Fusion Festival, on June 28th 2014.

Film makers’ blog; http://wedontlikesamba.wordpress.com/

Trailer; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vk-_Cq9cQE

Trailer in Portuguese/Brazilian; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMriMp1E6X4

Watch film here; https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw3oagH9dJUeZTFGOVZOdXo4Y3c/edit

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Jul 11 2014 09:19

This film, along with innumerable other facts about, and reflections on, the situation in Brazil can also be found here: http://dialectical-delinquents.com/?page_id=5797. It also has a transcript of part of the film.

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Jul 17 2014 05:20

Very nice. Unfortunately the subtitles get some things wrong sometimes, could've been better revised. But it's pretty nice. I didn't catch any bullshit.

P.S.: We do like samba.

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Jul 17 2014 09:36

Hmmm, on an aside I'm finding the presence of loud samba bands at demos distinctly depressing. They drown out any meaningful slogans, and on occasion they drowned out someone worth listening to at a strike demo ( I know ,most speakers aren't worth listening to) as well as communication with people who come up to chat about ideas. And sorry, for a lot of older people ( and , let's face it, that's often the majority of a rally or demo these days, unfortunately) they are discomforting.

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Jul 17 2014 11:51

Yeah, I recently had a similar experience with the samba band drowning out the slogans on a demo.

As a further aside, I heard that the rise in samba bands in England was as a result of the Criminal Justice Bill outlawing sound systems on demos, is that true? Samba was thus seen as a way round it. This is another reason I find them so annoying in places where you are allowed to have a sound truck or sound system. Give me that any day over a samba band!
I guess it's also the same with the adoption of that awful people's mic in places where you are allowed to have amplified sound.

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Jul 22 2014 16:05

Actually I know the guy who suggested they ask a Samba band along to the Birmingham G8 mobilisation. He's really, really sorry he had that particular brainwave.