Visiting the ghosts of Paris 1968

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Jacques Roux
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Apr 19 2008 14:10
Visiting the ghosts of Paris 1968
Young people have been demonstrating again in Paris, 40 years after the riots which nearly toppled the French government. But John Pickford, who was studying there in 1968, says today's protests are a very different affair.

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Lone Wolf
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Apr 19 2008 14:26

Thanks for posting this, rkn. A nice, evocative lil article. Would like to have known this author's involvement, if any, in the events of 68. Sounds like he was just an observer, at least he can write well on it tho. Liked the quote about the young being akin to toothpaste from teh Figaro. laugh out loud

And i wish i had been around then instead of now, but who doesn't? sad