"Venezuelan Thermidor"

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Jul 29 2014 06:20
"Venezuelan Thermidor"

despite the pro-Chavism of the author an interesting text: http://www.europe-solidaire.org/spip.php?article32634

One of the most important public debates over the future of Venezuela’s revolutionary process has opened up after the publication of a document by recently ousted planning minister Jorge Giordani.

In it, Giordani launched a series of scathing criticisms of the “new path” he says the government has taken since former president Hugo Chavez died in March last year.

Giordani dropped the bombshell on June 18, a day after he was removed from the post he had held almost uninterruptedly since 1999.

Many view Giordani as a principal architect of the Chavez government’s economic policy and representative of a more orthodox Marxist strand within cabinet. His removal has been pointed to as evidence of a widening rift within the Venezuelan government.

Giordani’s letter has also had the effect of blasting the lid off a debate that had been largely simmering below the surface.