Uruguayan Education Workers Called to Protest Thursday

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May 21 2013 12:56
Uruguayan Education Workers Called to Protest Thursday


Montevideo, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The Coordinating Organization of Education Unions of Uruguay (CSEU) has called on workers to a partial four-hour strike Thursday.The stoppage, scheduled for 09:00-13:00 local time, will also include a gathering outside the city council, a march and a mass gathering in downtown Montevideo.

According to Gabriel Molina, a member of the labor union PIT-CNT, who will give a speech in the gathering along with a leader of CSEU, in the interior of the country each departmental plenary will define the characteristics of their protests, all under the slogan "Towards a new stage of changes for the people," mainly focused on an increase in salaries.

It is obvious we will have a confrontation here. We demand salary increases with attention focused on the lowest ones, but also demand general salary adjustments taking into account the higher prices in the family basket, he said.We will also demand more attention to the National Comprehensive Health System, where we are seeing clear stagnation. The different medical corporate groups want to curtail the advances we have made. We want progress in the Health Reform.