"Underground Resistance" in Fiat, Tychy

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Aug 11 2009 12:30
"Underground Resistance" in Fiat, Tychy

We've made contact with some workers who sent us a list of demands towards the Fiat factory in Tychy for publication. So far they say they are "underground' but we are hoping this will soon change.

The workers criticize the fact that the unions signed an "agreement" with the factory which, among other things, obliges everyone to work at least 400 hours overtime during the year. They demand that this agreement is cancelled.

They are also demanding:
- 700 zloties raise
- an end to mobbing of employees who don't want to work on Saturday
- that the report of the State Labour Inspectorate which was carried out in the factory be made public
- that two of their colleagues who were fired from subcontractors be rehired
- that the new restrictive dress code in the Bielsko-Biała plant be cancelled
- that round table negotations be held with the workers, the management in Poland and from Italy

They are giving the management a couple of weeks to react, but so far the only action they promise is to start an information campaign about conditions in Fiat. We will try to get more concrete information as soon as possible.