'Uncontrollable' nihilism in Greece

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May 24 2011 20:25
'Uncontrollable' nihilism in Greece

Occupied London along with libcom and infoshop are pretty much my only source when it comes to political events/ anarchism in greece. This article seems to suggest that many of those that rioted in '08 and since are now moving away from anarchism and embracing nihilism, eg. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. I just wondered if this depiction is true?

Uncontrollable: Contributions Towards A Conscious Nihilism

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May 28 2011 18:50

No, because the political situation is becoming more and more violent and desperate. If you look at the history of the revolutionary movement (libertarian or authoritarian), it has always had an extreme history of violence. You name it: bombings, assassinations, bosses being lynched, arson etc The anarchist movement is simply contending with the will of the present regime to survive.