UK workers 'fiddle £1bn expenses'

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Feb 27 2007 13:28
UK workers 'fiddle £1bn expenses'
Workers in Britain reap about £1bn from 'expense claims', says Travelodge.

The 4,000 person survey showed 22% of workers, or 6.3 million people, "admit they regularly fiddle their company expense claims", Travelodge said.

Adult films at hotels, alcohol and clothes were common claims. Neutering a cat, a Caribbean cruise and a pregnancy test kit were among the odder ones.

On average people get nearly £15 per claim, or £175 per year, but only 4% of those surveyed have been caught out.

I wish I had a job where I could claim expenses!

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Joseph Kay
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Feb 27 2007 13:48

curse those priveleged co-ordinator class types. or are they part of the multitude? tongue

actually, my ex gets screwed on expenses - she has to pay to travel to london regularly for training, and has a tight timeframe to reclaim it all at the end of the month or it's gone.

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Feb 27 2007 13:51

I bet the amount of expenses workers make and don't claim back is at least equal to that. Me and lots of people in my team spend our own money on a lot of stuff, and you can lose receipts or miss deadlines to claim stuff back, etc.

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Joseph Kay
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Feb 27 2007 13:58

ahh, come on, it'll be fun. all that positive immaterial desire beats gloomy negation any day! tongue

to further John.'s point, unpaid overtime is also massive as well, so even by the laws of bourgeois exchange we're getting screwed sad

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Lone Wolf
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Feb 27 2007 20:17


Yes. The amount of unpaid work carried out by staff is worth several times more than the paid sick leave granted for example.

The main prob. with expenses is that proley types only get to claim like, a travelcard and the cost of a cup of tea and a bun when away from their usual place of work for example. Rich peeps get yachts and stuff ... well ok i exaggerate slightly but not much..drugs and high class escort girls etc are all part of what is laughably referred to as legitimate expenses. They are just another way for the rich to reward each other. What ordinary people "get away with" will never be substantial. May as well try and claim the little you are entitled to - tho as John. points out proper working types don't eaxctly have an abundance of time with which to fill out the requisite chitties. Rich "workers" don't have to fill out chitties in which to claim back 85p for example. In many major and minor ways are we degraded.
That is before even looking at the difficulties inherent in making benefit claims etc etc. Would just love it if peeps could swap places occasionally.



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jef costello
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Mar 1 2007 15:28

I screwed the civil service out of a fiver once. That was my best paid day of work ever. And we got a free lunch from pret a manger.