They really find the idiots to quote (NUT pay demand)

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Apr 13 2009 23:32
They really find the idiots to quote (NUT pay demand)

After NUT conference votes to demand a 10% pay rise:

BBC wrote:
In the NUT conference debate, Michael Wrought-Brookes from North Yorkshire opposed the proposed pay demand, arguing that it would be wrong when people were being made redundant in their thousands.

He said it was folly to think standards of living in Britain could continue rising if world poverty were to be tackled in the way that the conference had just demanded in a separate debate.

"Britain has been stealing from the poor of the world for 500 years and is still doing it," he said.

"And asking for 10% is exactly that: it is stealing from the poor of the world."

- from

Where do they get these idiots from? Is he an official or just the most offensively stupid NUT member they could find? Looks like extremely selective searching for opinions by the BBC.

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Apr 13 2009 23:33

FFS why can't you edit OPs? From

and i spelt the title wrong...

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Apr 14 2009 00:21

Users can't edit original posts, without approval from a moderator, because due to the software that we use allowing people to edit them would allow people to delete them. And deleting the original post would then delete every other post in a thread.

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Apr 14 2009 07:57

Heard that same fool quoted on the radio and they used the quote when then talking to representatives of the union to have a go at their "cheek" in asking for such a pay rise in the present climate. They even invited listeners to call in to vent their anger.

It is typical at what is happening during this capitalist crisis. People are argry all over the place but that anger is being expressed in all sorts of ways. There is very little acceptance of the idea that it is the system itself that if to blame for all this and that crisis is actually an integrel part of the workings of the system.

People lash out in all directions and this suits the bosses as it further divides us. Hopefully the few examples of workers fighting back such as the factory occupations will inspire others to have a go and stand up and fight.

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Apr 16 2009 18:34

If you think that quote's bollocks, check this Guardian CiF article, "It was a great moral victory. Then teachers lost the plot" from today.

"The NUT was poised to put the nail in the coffin of destructive Sats tests. But that was scuppered by an absurd pay claim"

What a twat. It gets worse, not only dare teachers have the 'cheek' to ask for better pay, but also they're discussing slightly less contact-time and more planning/prep time. Amazingly this is being characterised as 'less work', and even though that would also be a fair demand of course, in actuality the demand is simply to be able to spend more of their working time planning so they can make the other part of their working time more effective and less stressful.

Given that teaching regularly comes out at the top end off most stressful jobs, and that teachers work possibly the longest hrs of unpaid overtime of any job, shit like this article, really is just pathetic.