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Rob Ray
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Apr 16 2011 17:44
SWP 'militant' wrote:
I'd like to press charges

Edit: What Joe said!

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Apr 16 2011 18:03

ok so I loled, but we aren't really defending this sort of behaviour are we?

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Apr 16 2011 18:07

I think its fair enough to tell the SWP to go do one, but not because ITS MY MARCH!

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Apr 16 2011 18:19

Yeah the guy seems like a prick, ego-tripping prick, and it's not very nice. Someone should make a meme from it though, now Lenin Cat has run it's course

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Joseph Kay
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Apr 16 2011 19:57

Apparently, the anarchist's a boss. But as far as i can tell by piecing together the story; the SWP turned up and started chanting through the megaphone about Libya, they were asked 3 times to stop, people were leaving the demo on account of it, then the anarchyboss lost his temper and threatened to pound their faces in. So the trots were well out of order, the only problem seems to be it was a macho boss telling them to get to fuck, not a group of proles.

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Apr 16 2011 20:24


I think prick is a little strong - he was riled they had pissed on the carefully constructed fireworks, and was saying "this is my thing" in a way that meant "this can't be your thing", rather than the way that Claire "I'm the leader" Solomon did it. I reckon. I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt anyway.

Also, he must have been pumped - they must have known organising a same-sex kissathon would run the risk of 'proper nutjob' attention, and as he was The Biggest Bear in the Area he knew he would have to take a part in dealing with it if it got physical.

QUALITY when the bloke (partner?) lays a hairy hug on his back and tries to calm him - love IS the answer, most of the time, but its hard to concentrate on that when you've got some Modern Parent shrieking in your ear ;0)