State funding for political parties

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Apr 5 2006 00:48
State funding for political parties

This whole thing is really fucking me off.

It looks as if Labour and the Tories have both been a bit dodgy with their financing so they're going to agree on pushing state funding through. Why the fuck should my taxes fund political parties!


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Apr 5 2006 10:28

Hmmmm well I think this would mean more democracy... but it would also lead to groups like the BNP or Respect getting shitloads more money, and act as an incentive for groups like the IWCA or even anarchists to run for election.

But basically cos of the that first thing I don't think this will even happen. I think it's a bad idea...

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Apr 5 2006 18:56

They actually get funded already, based on numbers of MPs, MEPs, councillors etc. TBH I think the really interesting thing here is that they can't get money from ordinary members, only from rich people who want something in return.

I think liberal democracy is actually approaching a major crisis as it is no longer doing it's job as providing cover for the real relations in society. Participation is low and getting lower, there's no difference between the parties and the people who used to turn out to do the donkey work necessary to keep any political organisation going are no longer there. The latter means they have to hire people to do it, which is why they need donations and loans in return for honours and favours.