Royal Mail cuts?

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Mar 8 2010 19:20
Royal Mail cuts?

This deal doesn't look that good:

Isn't a 2% pay rise when inflations at this kind of level basically a pay cut?

Never mind that they (the union) have accepted 25% lay-offs!

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Mar 9 2010 06:47

Despite the subtitle making it seem like this article was going to be about junk mail, it is actually very interesting a worth a read on some of the details of the deal:


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Joseph Kay
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Mar 9 2010 12:13

speaking to people on a PCS picket line earlier, some were saying 'wow they've won 7% by striking'... pretty double-edged. on the one hand it encouraged them that striking gets results, but it's completely dishonest to add up three sub-inflation pay 'rises' and present it as a massive hike, while ignoring a further 25,000 job losses (on top of the ones agreed at the previous CWU stitch-up in 2007). we did discuss this, and the media coverage in general (the whole '5 out of 6 unions have accepted the plans, except the PCS - when in fact the PCS is the only non-management union except some cleaners/security staff in the GMB), but if the unions get their way we're going to have a lot of defeats celebrated as victories. the lesson of the CWU thing is obviously that if you suspend strike action 'for meaningful talks' you get meaningfully screwed, but it's not easy to articulate that in the face of mass media coverage of a "7% pay rise" when most people are worried about cuts.