Rest in Power, Ursula Le Guin

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gram negative
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Jan 24 2018 05:07
Rest in Power, Ursula Le Guin

The Dispossessed was a big part of why I became an anarchist, after reading it as a teenager.

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Jan 26 2018 20:24

I'm surprised -- and somewhat sad -- to see that there are no comments being made. She was a great writer and The Dispossessed is a classic of both SF and libertarian politics.I've blogged on her and her legacy (following up on a recent post about Ken MacLeod's account of that book):

Ursula Le Guin and utopia (and Kropotkin on Edward Bellamy)

Also has what has become my now obligatort rare Kropotkin article..

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Serge Forward
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Jan 27 2018 10:07

I suspect The Dispossessed had an effect on a fair few on here. I suppose it's because libcom forums are generally quiet these days. Still...

Anyway, The Dispossessed was one of the first books I read that talked about anarchism in a positive way and had a big impact on me 30-odd years ago. The books in the "Hainish" series it's part of were all pretty good. Never been big on more "fantasy" fiction, though her's was an exception which I liked a lot.

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Feb 1 2018 11:13