Reclaim the Kelvin march

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Nick Durie
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Mar 13 2006 00:36
Reclaim the Kelvin march

My partner went along to this. There was a ridiculous amount of police hassle that went into trying to stop it going ahead. Today the BBC reported that the event had been cancelled up until about an hour before it was due to go ahead. Apparently the police had phoned up to tell them this was the case and they had reported it as fact (with quotations from organisers from a separate occasion) loyally. How quaint. Report below is still slightly factually inaccurate.

At any rate the police decided on the event to stop any 'march' going ahead for the women's own saftey, but all were allowed to participate in 'a stroll'. During a minutes silence police circled a helicopter about deliberately to dsirupt it.

Police failed to attend when Farah Noor Adams called 999 five times while being stalked by a man down at the riverbanks, which were formerly populated with a scheme which has been cleared for redevelopment. She was later raped, smashed in head with a brick then raped again before being smashed in the head with the brick again repeatedly until her assailant killed her. Coroners reckon the attack took over thirty minutes. The attacker was a local man who was returning from work. He was known to the police as a danger to women, and had been involved in a local drugs trafficking enterprise (a 24 car wash on Maryhill road) before it was shut down.

This is not the first time local filth have failed to attend when called. A year ago just before Christmas Peggy Weir was killed on my estate. She was 93 years old and was stabbed 22 times by some junkie. Her neighbour alarmedly reported that she was hearing a disturbance. Police attended the next day. Her front door had been left wide open and her body was lying on the floor. That week police had decided that as a Christmas present they would arrest all the known minor drug dealers in the area, shutting off the heroin supply. Helpful.

[To give a bit of context the British state (via Jack McConnell's wife, who is an exec on Glasgow City Council) is massively involved in backing local drug dealers/crimelords to become civil servants. Edward Lyons - a big man in the heroin trade was recently given a grant in excess of £200,000 to 'fight crime' in his area. This was via his chairmanship of Chirnsyde Community Council, and his role in a local Milton community centre (where he attempted to kill someone recently with a sawn-off shotgun; the charges relating to this event were dropped inexplicably).]


Murder memorial held in city park

Farah Noor Adams

Farah Noor Adams was murdered in broad daylight

Organisers of an event which planned to "reclaim" the river walkway where a Glasgow woman was murdered have gone ahead with a memorial ceremony.

The march in memory of Farah Noor Adams had to be cancelled due to the wintry weather conditions in the city.

About 150 women attended an event in the city's Botanic Gardens at 1400 GMT on Sunday instead.

Ms Adams, 34, was murdered and raped by Thomas Waddell, 19, as she power walked along the Kelvin riverside in October.

The walk had been planned by the Cailleach Collective, an all female group in Glasgow's west end.

Jude Stewart, one of several women organising the event, said the plan had been to create confidence and encourage women to start using the walkway again.

Hundreds of women had planned to retrace Ms Adams' final steps.

Ms Stewart said: "There was a brilliant turnout at the memorial ceremony, given the weather conditions.

"One of Farah's colleagues gave a personal tribute, which was very poignant.

"Some of the women then took a stroll down the Kelvin walkway and laid flowers in the water."