Polish schools ban pacifist and ecological slogans/ meetings

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Mar 17 2006 19:49
Polish schools ban pacifist and ecological slogans/ meetings

Got this off another list, interesting how "democracy" works. Of course they're free of all the politics except those of the government and the catholic church.

Laure wrote:
Ministry of Education - Religious Indoctrine Fine but Pacifism


The Minister of Education in Poland has sent a document around to

schools on the eve of (the typically modest) anti-war protests to

be held in Poland on March 19.

It says:

"Many organizations go to schools with proposals about presenting

their views, aims and plans in educational facilities. It happens

that they invite teachers and, above all students, to organize

events for them.

With regard to such events, this is the position of the Ministry of

Education and Science:

Schools are institutions free of politics and any kind of

indoctrination, (art 56 of the law on the education system of Sept.

7 1991).


...School-aged children and youth most often don't have a

completely developed value system. Young people are impressionable

and can lose the real meaning when attending an effectiev

presentation. Attractive pacifist, ecological and antiwar slogans

are accepted uncritically by youth but really they are harmful.

We request that directors of schools be informed about these

attempts to get to students, especially as the anniversary of the

intervention in Iraq is comin up. We have to take effective action

to ensure that chidlren have safe conditions for education and this

also means forming an appropriate, mature relation to current


Jarolsaw Zielinski"


To add a few comments for context:

1. A week or two ago, a member of the campaign against homophobia

was banned from speaking in a public school.

2. Students are organizing more in schools. Students from the

Anarchist Federation are also organizing themselves and some

events, demonstrations, etc.

3.Despite the fact that the teachers' union has bowed to political

pressure before (for example during the 2004 economic summit in

Warsaw), they have recently done a few political things, for

example appearing at the March 8 demo and they will be hosting an

antiwar conference this weekend.