"pen-down" strike in nepal

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Aug 8 2007 08:45
"pen-down" strike in nepal


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Aug 8 2007 12:26

Strike in support of a politician?

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Aug 8 2007 18:01

edit later - it appears I was wrong about this

yeah this isn't a good strike

it wouldn't surprise me if it was like one of those boss-supported "strikes" against left-wing "terrorism" in the 70s in Italy, where the bosses managed to get a couple of people to take some time off to oppose violence against bosses

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Red Marriott
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Aug 8 2007 22:52

The YCL are regularly acting like a bunch of under-employed intimidating thugs (as a bargaining factor in the politicals deals of Parliamentary maoists), as I showed here. So - whoever officially called the strike in this particular context - I'd see workers' participation as likely an expression of their widespread fear and annoyance at such typical para-military thuggishness by the YCL arseholes which manifests in the daily lives of workers & bosses alike at home & workplace. YCL have also intimidated rank'n'file workers.

David in Atlanta
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Aug 9 2007 18:16

Back around Mayday I remember seeing some reports of Maoists in Nepal attempting to force workers to attend a rally featuring one of their party leaders instead of the trade union rallies. I won't be really surprised if rank and file government workers struck against them.