Is Occupy dead or will it resurge in the spring?

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Jan 28 2012 21:02
Is Occupy dead or will it resurge in the spring?


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Jan 28 2012 21:12

I think that what desperately needs to happen is a shift away from the tactics of the big occupation. Right now the last big occupation, which is in DC, is probably going to be evicted soon. Now from my perspective this would probably be good. The camp was just turning to shite. Junkies were bloodying people with tire irons and the place just seemed to be crawling with cops. The protests were turning out less and less people, and it really seemed like the camp had lost a lot of momentum.

That being said, there is plenty of room for smaller scale community activist projects to take shape. Speaking personally, at my university the occupy movement has sparked our campus' own occupy assembly. The assembly is made up of many new faces, and I have personally witnessed multiple freshman who were liberals at the start of the year now becoming quite radicalized. The assembly manages to maintain energy because it is fighting small scale winnable struggles against tuition hikes, low pay for workers etc. Occupy has opened up room for these small scale assemblies to start taking shape and I really think that's what needs to be done now.

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Jan 28 2012 21:20

Reasonable turnout for the Occupy Design thing in Whitechapel today, about 50 people, but lacking in political direction - lots of focus on sloganeering for teh activisms but not much on how to build messages to reach out to people where they are. One to be argued for I guess.

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Jan 28 2012 22:14

Depends on what Occupy you're talking about. Here in London, Ontario occupy has been quite active in supporting labour struggles and have gotten a second wind because of that. Their "space" is now on the picket lines of the locked out workers of Elctro Motive Canada (EMC). But in part the reason Occupy is doing this is (in part) because of local anarchists organizing within Occupy.

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Jan 29 2012 00:42

My prediction is that it will resurge bigtime in the spring in the US and Canada; don't know about other countries. But as Khawaga points out, it is different from city to city. As the crisis bites harder, people already involved will become more militant, and more people will join in.

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Jan 29 2012 05:05

Right now Occupy Oakland is under police siege. The planned building occupation mid-day was thwarted by pigs, with some tear gas and flashbang grenades. In the first skirmishes, 19 were arrested.

The crowd ended up back at Oscar Grant Plaza and tried to march away again, with 2 groups kettled and more arrests -- with at least 2 sheriffs buses hauling away several hundred arrestees. Some of protestors later broke into city hall, but apparently escaped before the pigs arrived.

A few people were shot point-black with beanbag rounds, and apparently a young woman was taken away by ambulance after being brutally beaten and having her teeth knocked out.

A cameraman from a bourgeois news crew got a protestor in a headlock, so his comrades broke out all the windows of their news van.

I'm watching the 3 livestream video feeds right now and the situation still seems tense. This will probably be the biggest mass arrest in Occupy Oakland so far.

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Jan 29 2012 06:58

The one in Hong Kong seems a bit different to the other ones (from what I read about the other ones anyway). There doesn't seem to be a whole lot happening there apart from its presence. I mean it is a good spot to be in, directly under the HSBC hq, where lots of people pass and keeps getting lots of attention. It's quite peaceful and has had little trouble with the police as HSBC sort of used it as a publicity stunt and to make it out that they care about what the camp stands for.

I still don't know what I make of it tbh or what direction it's going in.

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Jan 29 2012 15:10

In the US comrades are building towards May 1st activities.

I have posted on Libcom the call for this coordinated effort. I encourage all north american
comrades to hook up and coordinate.

The Libcom link is:

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Jan 29 2012 20:53

I feel a bit pessimistic about the Occupy movement in the UK, from what I've experienced a lot of the participants aren't very interested in developing any kind of politics or analysis. Many seem very hostile towards politics in general. I think it's a different story in the US. I don't feel very motivated to take part in discussions at occupy about Capitalism or politics because I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall. When ever I ask about 'class', Anarchism or Socialism or tactics or anything like that I just seem to get a lot of stock hippy answers back. I think they need to start getting serious about politics if they're going to have a proper effect on things.