NPA is just a new hierarchy, so don't glorify it, but condemn it

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Feb 8 2018 23:33
NPA is just a new hierarchy, so don't glorify it, but condemn it

The New People's Army, an MLM organization that was established in 1969 may have provided new ideas for the proletariat. The Philippines, where the NPA would be holding operations, had long been a lick-spittle of the elite.Thus, the NPA and what it stood for would theoretically should be welcomed by the working class, and a revolution in full swing should have broken out. My theory however, is that the organization didn't rapidly expand not due to lacking a support base, but due to its inability to be idealistic. Instead of expropriating everything, giving the people collective control over their regions, or at least abolishing the wage system, they served as a governing force with too many parallel's to the capitalist government of the world than there should have been. For example, it has been reported that they have been enforcing "revolutionary taxes" on businesses. This is extremely upsetting, due to the fact that it fits the exact stereotype of leftist movements, as well as refusing the people the full benefits of their ideas. With this in mind, what else in the NPA then an organization that is essentially a gang that controls a few pockets of land, and successfully extorts, and collects protection money wherever they go. This isn't the exact model organization that should be carrying the revolution to success for the benefit of the people. One may say that the point of MLM is for it to adapt to the situation at hand, but surely one can see that this isn't the way to adapt your ideology to. I would like to conclude with saying that the people of the Philippines have every right to resist, and refuse to support the NPA not only in their occupied areas, but also in the bourgeois democracy that the Philippines have.