Pre-Royal Wedding raids and arrests

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Apr 29 2011 23:46

oh, and a breach of the peach is amazing.

arresting someone for breach of the peach right before they do an anarchy

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Apr 30 2011 02:48

Surely, even if over 30 years late, it's the cops that should be arrested for a breach of the peach .

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Apr 30 2011 06:32

Arbeiten, I agree: a million turning out yesterday is a tad depressing, but in any case I am not at all suggesting that we are on the verge of a major uprising. And as I say, what the police did yesterday was not really about yesterday (n that sense what happened in Bristol was much more indicative of what's in store). But I think it's clear that they are getting ready for more serious confrontations in the future.

Caiman del Barrio
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May 1 2011 17:18

Social Centre Plus in solidarity with all those affected by the recent raids:

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May 2 2011 02:58

Whilst obviously the police repression is not just about the royal wedding, I think its worth noting just how absurd some of the police activity has been. I'll comment on friends who got arrested. One was arrested in Soho square whilst she was putting make up on a friend of hers to make her look like a zombie. Another was on his way to that republican street party thing. Neither were doing anything to suggest they were going to do anything disruptive.

What I take from this is that the police, in order to function properly, need a rational behind their actions, and since their role in society is shit, their rational is probably going to be shit as well, and given that, they are going to do lots of shitty things not directly related to objective struggles. So stupid shit like using 30 officers to arrest one guy singing in a park, or arresting people dressing as zombies, or arresting people on their way to a party, all for no good reason, springs naturally from their shit self-justifications.

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May 2 2011 11:40

An account of arrest of 10 activists outside Charing Cross station:

The group were arrested on their way to the Republic street party and were not demonstrating at the time of the kettle and arrest.

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May 2 2011 13:28

I read something in the News of the World or the Mirror about a street party in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow that turned into a fight against the police. Arrests and police vans attacked.

Mike Harman
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May 2 2011 13:47

Hadn't seen anything about that, probably due to avoiding the news for a full weekend, google news had it though:!/search/kelvingrove

People are organising another party there today to celebrate death of Osama, not sure how much that's a joke or not.

This video is interesting - rioters verbal account of it:

Looks like much less of a riot than Stokes Croft was even though a lot more people were there, anyone in Glasgow go to this?

Mike Harman
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May 2 2011 15:07

"Anarchists have civil liberties too".

Contains the phrase "Potential anarchists ".

I don't really get it tbh.

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May 2 2011 16:47

Oops sorry I just reposted a link

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May 2 2011 21:53

Accounts of arrests on the day, here and here

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May 2 2011 22:32

a grimly interesting indymedia london piece pertaining to recent seizures of computers from the social centre raids:

further reading:

basically, the police don't seem to be seizing data drives, only computers + phones. its possible they are installing complex backdoors to monitor them over the coming months or even years.
these are backdoors that can even spring to life again if the OS is wiped, as they can be installed to the boot sector or bios

this would seem congruent with the erratic actions of the police, in that they rounded up a load of random people and searched places pretty unconnected to March 26th.

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Joseph Kay
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May 2 2011 23:01

isn't it more likely they're interested in relational surveillance? who knows who, who contacts who and when etc, mapping activist networks, identifying key nodes etc. email accounts and phones would be the jackpot for that.

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May 2 2011 23:31

that as well. i spoke to some peeps from G&BC a while ago and they said the same thing (specifically phones)