It's kicking off everywhere - 2019 edition

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R Totale
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Oct 22 2019 18:49
It's kicking off everywhere - 2019 edition

I don't have the energy to post the full article here because there'd be too much formatting to fix, but IGD just posted this helpful guide to ongoing uprisings:
I think they're reaching a bit by shoehorning Rojava into there, which is a very different situation, but otherwise it's pretty good. Some of the further reading they recommend, mostly from Crimethinc:
Ecuador: The Uprising in Ecuador: Inside the Quito Commune - An Interview from on the Front Lines
Chile: Resisting under Martial Law
Evade and Struggle: Riots Break Out against Austerity in Chile
Chile: The revolt generalizes
Catalonia: A Week of Escalation: Could the Riots Open a Horizon Beyond National Sovereignty?
Hong Kong: Three Months of Insurrection: An Anarchist Collective in Hong Kong Appraises the Achievements and Limits of the Revolt
Lebanon: Protesters Demand Fall of the Regime
Honduras: Uprising Breaks Out Against Right Wing Hernández Regime in Honduras

I'd take those AMW articles with a pinch of salt since they seem to come from the excitable/uncritical wing of insurrectionism, but still... is this the return of the cycle of struggles that seemed to be defeated in 2011/12? Thoughts?

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Lucky Black Cat
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Oct 30 2019 11:09

Thanks for posting these links, R Totale! I don't have thoughts to share in response to your question, but it is exciting to see resistance bubbling up in so many places. I'm sure some people feel indifferent and dismissive because we can point to various flaws or limitations, but you never know how these situations will develop as things unfold, or what shifts may take place. I'm a skeptical person but I try to be optimistically skeptical. Thank goodness for resistance, because where there is resistance there is hope!

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R Totale
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Nov 3 2019 11:52

Fwiw, another quick summary translated from French by Plan C here (again does that thing of shoehorning Rojava in although I'm not sure it fits):
And a few more from the ACG:
Oh, and also:

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Nov 3 2019 15:18

And at least a question mark over their inclusion of Catalonia as well on the same basis.

A Left Communist text covering some of the same ground and a bit more here: