Islington postal workers unofficial industrial action

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Jun 9 2011 10:59
Islington postal workers unofficial industrial action

Does anyone know what happened/is happening?

Someone from The Commune who I think posts on here tweeted about it this morning.

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Joe Hell
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Jun 10 2011 06:47

Postal workers in Islington, north London, are celebrating after an unofficial walkout this morning (Thursday) forced Royal Mail to reinstate a suspended colleague.

Around 90 delivery staff at the N1 sorting office downed tools after managers attempted to discipline a long-standing worker, accusing him of “wilful delay of the mail”.

Union activists at the office say the incident follows a number of provocations recently.

Royal Mail managers at first tried to take a tough stand against the unofficial strike, but after three hours they gave in and reinstated the suspended worker.

“It’s a complete victory,” said Mark Dolan, a senior CWU union rep in north London.

His comments were echoed by others at the N1 office, which is known as a union stronghold. “It’s about time we took action,” said one worker. “This has been long overdue,” added another.

With Royal Mail attempting to push through thousands of job losses across the capital, this militant response to management bullying could not have come at a better time.

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Jun 10 2011 08:00

Awesome! Nice to see successful direct action from the posties. smile