Here or elsewhere: only one struggle, class struggle!

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Mar 5 2011 17:34
Here or elsewhere: only one struggle, class struggle!

Here is the translation of another leaflet handed out in France:

Here or elsewhere: only one struggle, class struggle!

After Ben Ali and Mubarak, who’s next? The revolutionary fire spreads all over the Arabic countries. A wave of panic sweeps through the dictators’ side, while the population steps up its courage and self-confidence, in spite of the most ferocious repression, like in Libya.

In Algeria, in Yemen, in Bahrain, in Libya, in Iran, or in Morocco, at various levels, demonstrations increase. In Libya the hundreds of deaths on the orders of the dictator in desperate straits only contributed to overexciting the courage of demonstrators and spreading the revolt all over the country. In Algeria Bouteflika is acting as if he makes some concessions that don’t fool anybody and he could go the same way as Ben Ali. In Tunisia demonstrations are going on, for “not to have our revolution stolen”.

In Egypt thundering entrance of the working class in the revolution dealt the deathblow to Mubarak. The preceding week to his resignation, dozens of thousands of workers developed a wave of strikes in telecommunications, railways, dockyards, coal, cotton, textile, medicines, cement factories, etc. The demands were freedom but also employment and pay rises. The purpose of the Egyptian army still at the power is clear: restoring law and order. It announced that it undertakes to organize elections but that strikes and demonstrations won’t be allowed anymore. It’s nevertheless not sure that the working class is ready to leave the forefront. In any case, only the continuation of its mobilization and its organization on its own bases will be able to allow to go beyond a simple restoration of facade of the regime, towards a genuine social revolution which is the only one able to put an end to all shapes of dictatorship.

As a result of unemployment, poverty and ferocious repression, but also increase of prices in vital commodities due to the speculation of food-processing corporations and banks all over the world, the proletariat in the Arabic countries was forced to rebel against these regimes (which are in the pay of imperialisms) and against the dictatorship of money. The Arabic countries are the preys of the same ones who plunged the world into the financial crisis. Revolts of this youth are the extension of the youth’s revolts in Greece or in Europe, the revolts of all those who, here as over there, don’t want to pay for their crisis! All those who are aware that elections with its possible “left” alternation or a government of national unity won’t change anything to the reality of capitalism!

Revolutions that set on fire the Arabic world could thus herald a social and political revolution that crosses seas and oceans, and finally overthrow the world capitalist order.

The Arabic people’s struggle is ours! Let’s support it, and let’s know how to be inspired by this model to get organized against the State and the bosses!

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