Hands off the Anti-War movement! Defend FRSO * Anarchist Solidarity against the Political Police

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Hands off the Anti-War movement! Defend FRSO * Anarchist Solidarity against the Political Police

Hands off the Anti-War movement!
Defend FRSO
Anarchist Solidarity against the Political Police

We stand firmly opposed to the raids carried out by the FBI, America’s
political police, against a number of anti-war and labor activists across
the country on Friday, September 24th, 2010. We give our solidarity to
those threatened by these raids and to those subpoenaed to appear before a
government Grand Jury next month. These attacks must be resisted.

The FBI claims the raids were done in order to combat terrorism. We reject
that lie. We know many of the activists attacked personally and have
shared the frontlines with them in struggles against war and poverty and
for freedom and justice. We have had, and will continue to have, serious
disagreements with them. But let no one doubt - WE HAVE THEIR BACKS.

The FBI, and the government they serve, are the real terrorists. It was
the FBI that carried out a program of assassination, repression, and
disruption of the Black Panther Party and other movements for Black
Liberation. It was the FBI that waged a brutal campaign of harassment,
intimidation and murder against the American Indian Movement and other
Native activists.

It is the U.S. government that operates as an empire with military
occupations of countries all over the world like Iraq, Afghanistan, &
Haiti and underwriting repression and occupation in Palestine, Colombia,
Somalia and elsewhere.

The U.S. empire and their agents have no moral standing whatsoever to
label these activists “terrorists” - and no right to dictate to anyone who
around the world we can and cannot visit, dialogue with, or support.

It should be clear to those with open eyes that the Obama regime has more
in common than not with Bush. They both serve the same capitalist system
and imperial state. Obama’s government has now extended the undemocratic
attacks begun under Bush against Muslim communities and organizations to
groups and networks of the Left.

We should carefully analyze the government’s choice of timing and targets,
and also begin building solidarity and defense. We must make it clear that
“An Injury to One is an Injury to All”. We must give our friends the
resources and support to fight this unjust harassment – and also begin
preparing or re-preparing our communities and organizations for social
self-defense against this kind of repression, including the basic
principal that we do not co-operate with or talk to the FBI.

The dedicated organizing in defense of the RNC 8 in Minnesota is a good
example that can be built upon. We should begin discussing what it would
take to unite all those (excluding the fascists and white supremacists)
that have faced state repression into some common action. From the Muslim
community, to the targets of the “Green Scare”, to the spied upon anti war
activists in Iowa, to those activists hit by these most recent raids – we
need to push back together.


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First of May Anarchist Alliance is a new anarchist organization being
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1) a commitment to revolution
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