Call from Organizing Committee of CNT-AIT Re-structuring Congress

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Basically because you can not, with the desire you stay. You only have to question them and spread rumors about them.

Respond to the "small" list that I have put you, on which there are witnesses and will see if you tell the truth or not.

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Apr 17 2017 22:15

alasbarricadas thread on the latest restructuring conference:

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Communique of the CNT-AIT Congress to all workers and fighters
To All Anarchosyndicalists and Sympathizers

From various unions of the CNT-AIT that left what is now called the “CNT”, together with others that remain in it but with a critical stance, as well as with many others that were expelled or purged for having denounced the irregularities committed, we have met in Villalonga from the 13-16 of April in the Congress of Restructuring the anarchosyndicalist organization. We would like to publically communicate the reasons and the resolutions of our Congress and make a call to unite in our organization in order to strengthen and give potential to revolutionary, anti-authoritarian and emancipatory anarchosyndicalism.
Motivations: In the last few years, what now calls itself “CNT” has been suffering an ideological derive in all senses. This has included a series of scandalous situations in which some things are decided in the absence of assemblies, there has been a rupture of Confederal pact and federalism, a lack of solidarity, the inexistence of transparency [1], executive decisions of the Committees, the buying of votes, falsification of agreements, committees that veto the unions or their proposals without putting them on the agenda, centralism and even physical agression. This derive has produced a weakness in that CNT that anybody can see: the need to have paid position because of an absence of militants, the inability to publish the CNT newspaper, the decrease in the number of unions federated… Above all, it has provoked the serious fact that it was expelled from the IWA, our Internacional which established anarcosindicalism in the world, because of the numerous irregularities committed by its Spanish section, the “CNT”, among others not paying the dues [2], as established in the statutes, but also trying to organize a parallel international, only because it could not impose its agreements in the Congresses of the IWA [3].

The Congress of Restructurization: We met in order to give structure to the numerous anarchosyndicalist unions that exist in the geographical area, to affirm anarchosyndicalism and the values that have inspired it, especially direct action, against parliamentarianism and bourgeois representationism that are being injected into supposedly revolutionary organizations, including the “CNT”.
We have taken the following agreements:
– We have adopted new statutes which are free of provisions which have supported or can support authoritarian practices, vertical structures and executive committees. In exchange, we are fostering consensus among the unions, more means for the local organizations and more autonomy against the committees, which will be reduced to authentic organs limited to coordination.
– Affiliation to the IWA, with the CNT-AIT being its Section in Spain, putting an end to the irregular situation that has been promoted by the Committee of the “CNT”, and contributing to the promotion of internationalism which is so necessary for the opposition of a globalized capitalist world, a question that characterizes the real anarcosyndicalism and not this colonialism of a negative and irrational “CNT”.
– We consider ourselves the continuation of the CNT created in 1910, the anarchosyndicalist and historic one.
– We call on all the anarchosyndicalists in the geographic area to retake and resurge anarchosyndicalism and to put it in the place that it should be: as a libertarian and emanicapatory reference for the working class in the whole world.
From Villalonga, libertarian greetings, in solidarity and internationalist, to all the people, groups and organizations that aspire for freedom. .
1. Such an absence of transparency, for example, encouraged the theft of around 20,000 euros from the CNT treasury by the General Secretary based in Valladolid.
2. For example: The union responsible for the CNT newspaper is no longer nominated by the unions and decided in Plenaries, but by the Confederal Committee, since the XI Congress in Zaragoza. (Translator's explanation: The CNT's reformist and executive wing have caused the situation in which the paper has not been published in years, due to the fact that they are trying to keep control of the publication and infuse it with their politics.)
3. A paradox since some unions that were expelled from the CNT were for dues arrears. While the CNT failed to pay dues to the IWA, it paid for a legal office of cronies whose cost were higher than the dues to the IWA. This office also absorbs all the resources destined to help repressed workers and prisoners that are from or collaborate with the CNT.
4. This decision was made by the Committees of the CNT without any agreement of the unions or the Congress. Leaving the IWA was not proposed in the XI Congress of the “CNT”.

In Spanish:

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I remember when it was the congress of zaragoza and it was said that there were very few people in the photos, that if it was not representative, that if there were many unions that did not participate ...

At the Benissa congress, because there are no photos of the event? How many unions participated? Because it was forbidden to attend to some and did not give the floor to others?

Does this lack of transparency conceal their low number of participation?

I have many doubts.

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In the CNT-Laure Akai statement, I do not see what theoretical and practical contributions have different from the CNT.

They only claim to be the heirs of the CNT of 1910, as the Spanish CGT says.

Can someone solve these doubts?

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They don't want photos 'cause they're maybe 20 friends in a room. Just have a look at the places they choose for their "congresses": Chinchón, Benissa, Villalonga...

Another point to take into account. The end of the publication of the paper "CNT" was due to Oviedo (one of their so-called "radical" unions inside CNT). Oviedo had the opportunity of publishing the newspaper. They e-mailed FAI to try to drag it into a complot to "clean the paper of the reformist stuff it had". FAI didn't like this attitude and denounced the manouvre and Oviedo was vetoed. The result was that no other unions wanted to publish the paper. The guilt is for all CNT due to Oviedo's sectarian attitude.

Anyway, a new CNT website is about to appear in the next months.

It is quite noticeable the conflict inside this new CNT-AIT before it's birth. In facebook there're accusations of executivism from a bunch of insane folks called La Alianza Internacionalista. This guys have also members in France, trying to create a new specific, a new FAI. Anyway, from their complains in FB it's deduced that a couple of unions retired from the congress accussing Levante of stalinists, nothing less.

My point is that all this people who were expelled for being toxic, won't be able to create anything functional. They'll become into another parody of CNT like CNT-Joaquin Costa.

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So where is the IWA-AIT secretary who has been the maximum support of this attempt to supplant the CNT?

It gives the feeling that these people wanted their snack bar because they were incapable of functioning in a federal way and that at the moment there is the least dissidence, they really act like a cheka. That is to say that on the one hand there are the impresentables of the uprising and later people like those of Tarragona, Huelva and Galicia. In total do not exceed just 100 people. It seems to be that way if it is revolutionary. In short a summer's cloud.

Now is the time for the sections of the IWA-AIT, to ask Laure Akai for her lies and to approach the meeting in Frankfurt to build a functional international.

Troskista fuera de la vista.