Brazil: Anarchist murdered

Brazil: Anarchist murdered

A Brazilian anarchist student, Guilherme Irish, was this week murdered by his father due to his political views.

The mathematics student at Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG), known as Guilherme Irish, was shot dead by his father last Tuesday (15/11). He was an anarchist, black bloc participant and actively involved in the occupations of schools and colleges in Goiânia.

His father, a 60-year-old good-quality civil engineer, did not accept his son's involvement in the movement, and had already threatened to hand him over to police and even with death. The man even went armed in two demonstrations against the privatization of public education in Goiás and PEC 241 (55), to persecute Guilherme and to threaten other militants.

A crime of hate, motivated by political intolerance. Guilherme, who was only 20 years old, was caught by an ambush armed by his father when he left home for the Occupation of Campus 2 of the UFG

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Nov 20 2016 09:13


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Serge Forward
Nov 20 2016 12:50

That's horrific. Solidarity with the lad's comrades and other family members.

Nov 20 2016 12:59
Serge Forward wrote:
That's horrific. Solidarity with the lad's comrades and other family members.

yeah I'd like to echo that. So tragic

Nov 21 2016 15:46

This is very sad. According to the news report below his father had made previous threats to kill him and then kill himself (which he did), and is described as having psychological problems that he was unwilling to get treatment for. A friend of Guilherme describes the relationship between father and son as controlling and psychologically abusive.

Edit: there's an interview (in Portuguese) with his mother here

Nov 21 2016 16:05

These articles give some background on the student occupation movement in Brazil. The first article has a translated transcript of the address by Ana Júlia Pires Ribeiro in the video.

Edited to put up a subtitled version of the video - see also this BBC report

"Our flag is education"

Brazil's student upsurge

Brazil students take over schools and fight off police

Edit: podcast on the student movement and current political climate here

jef costello
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Emma T
Nov 23 2016 00:58

Thank you!