Attack on Reproductive Rights

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Jan 25 2009 19:06
Attack on Reproductive Rights

Yesterday was a protest in Warsaw against a new bill regulating in vitro. The bastards in the church consider in vitro to be "murder" and are trying to gain even more control over womens' bodies. The bill would make it illegal to conduct in vitro using sperm from anybody but a woman's husband, make it illegal for anybody but married couples to get in vitro and make it illegal to harvest more than one egg and freeze others for further use. In vitro would also be unavailable to any woman over 40.

Just prior to introducing the bill, the ruling Civic Platform, responsible for the bill, was bullshitting to people that it would make in vitro a treatment refunded by the National Health Service. Instead of free in vitro, the people get church politics.

There's more about it here if anybody is interested: