"Anarchosyndicalist" Solidarity (1980)

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Aug 30 2010 12:03
"Anarchosyndicalist" Solidarity (1980)

Yes, we are certainly aware that there are lots of illusions about what actually was happening here in Poland in 1980. This one is from Neal Ascherson, author of "The Polish August".


He writes:

Poles today find it hard to remember that Solidarity stood for what used to be called "anarcho-syndicalism". In other words, an extreme form of socialist democracy in which workers took charge of their own enterprises, elected their managements and voted on production plans.

Think something with electing the managements is not right here. smile

The Polish version of this article is entitled "Solidarity was an anarchosyndicalist impulse".

Probably we will have some alternative views on this published today and tomorrow. Maybe I can translate something for here.

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Sep 4 2010 22:23

Like to see it, if you would!