2011 Indian anti-corruption protests

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working class
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Jun 25 2011 23:30
2011 Indian anti-corruption protests

Any opinions on this?

There is genuine anger at the corruption in the government. The movement is of grassroots origins, apparently guided by the reformist aim of introducing an anti-corruption bill into the parliament. However, communal religious leaders and the opposition party seem to be trying to exploit this movement for their own ends.


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Jun 26 2011 06:57

Actually there must be someone to raise voice againt this corruption and I am happy that this people started due to this corruption 'Aam' peopla are suffering. This poliction are doing nothing for them instead making money for themselves. Inflation are increasing no step are taken against this point, what they are doing nothing. Oil, LPG price are hiked due to which all other commudities like milk, vegetables price are going to increase in this what this politician are going to no step. I dom't understand what are steps are taken for the mddle class people. I am a supporter of Anna hazare, Baba ramdev atleat they had taken such