17 Iranian students arrested by the Islamic Regime

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Apr 16 2007 10:04
17 Iranian students arrested by the Islamic Regime

Dear comrades
Last night 16 April, the oppressive agents of Islamic regime invaded to the Mazandaran University (in Babol, a city in north of Iran) and arrested 15 students.
This happended when 2 days ago, "Bizhan Sabbaq" one of leftist students had been rubbed by the Islamic agents without informing his family, and yet no one knows his place.
After that, yesterday 15 April, the students of Mazandaran University set up a great meeting protesting against Sabbaq's situation. The Regime's Information Service threathended the students if they go to strike, they would arrest them.
Last night they brutualy invaded to the University and arrested 15. They even invaded to one of the student's home and arrest him, after torturing and hitting they realeased him in one of the roadss out of the city.
best wishes
Iranian students need your help

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Apr 16 2007 10:09

Hi, sorry what do you mean by "rubbed," do you mean arrested?

Are these actions in response to anything in particular?

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Apr 16 2007 16:34

Were the arrest related to a rejection or heresy of Islam in some way?