Save Redditch Trees!!

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May 7 2005 21:28
Save Redditch Trees!!

Redditch Borough Council are waging a war against the towns urban trees, and local residents are campaigning to stop the tree massacre.

Save Redditch Trees - sign a petition!

Redditch Borough Council find any excuse to chop down trees they don`t want. All across the town, trees are being massacred on a daily basis. Excuses given include for `community safety`, because branches `obscured CCTV cameras` and even so that people can `keep an eye on their cars`(whilst walking in a park!!). But there`s little doubt that cost cutting has alot to do with it - removing trees saves RBC money on pruning, sweeping leaves & other maintenance!!

Take a look at some examples of RBC`s handywork on the Redditch Tree Action Group(TAG) website

Redditch does have various wooded areas and apparently, compared to other similar sized towns, has a greater proportion of trees. But that`s the way Redditch people want it to stay!

It is the trees that people regularly come into contact with that are getting the chop. Trees and bushes along footpaths, entrances to subways, in the town centre etc. Some bright spark has now decided that the main bus route needs double decker buses, which will involve the felling of over 100 mature trees because some of their branches overhang the road slightly!! This is despite the fact that buses already run every 5 minutes and often have very few passengers!

Trees desrve consideration & respect, they absorb pollution, provide us with oxygen & are a home to wildlife. With trees around us, the town is more attractive & people are happier & healthier.

A petition has been started, calling on RBC to end the destruction & demand that they treat Redditch trees with the respect they deserve. The petition is available online here and people can contact Redditch Tree Action Group for paper copies. We want people to get signatures from friends & family and at work, school etc.

Redditch TAG are also urging the public to join them in writing letters of complaint to the council to put more pressure on, and to the local papers to highlight the issue.

We understand that urban tree felling is a problem elsewhere in the country. If any group has ideas on how to tackle Redditch Council`s ongoing destruction, Redditch TAG would be delighted to hear from you.

Mark Higgins

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May 9 2005 15:38

Look, everyone knows that trees shelter anti-social behaviour, if your for the trees then your for anti-social behaviour, how on earth are we expected to maintain standards of decency and respectability in our town centres when the CCTV operatives cant even see the anti-socials for all the trees?!

Trees provide no functional role in towns apart from making city aesthetics mildly bearable, therefor they should never be sympathised with under any circumstances. All trees should be approached with care, they are bastions of anti-social, drug riddled yoths and have no place in modern britain.

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May 9 2005 17:14

can we ask Redditch Borough council to stop using oxygen then?

its only fair