Anyone in North Hants?

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Aug 14 2004 14:31
Anyone in North Hants?

The rampART creative centre, a squatted social space in East London, has bought some cheap decks off ebay but they are located in North Hants and are too heavy to realistically post down to london.

If anyone is in that part of the world, and has a vehicle, perhaps they could pick them up and store them until we can figure out a way to get them down to london?

Please get in touch if you can help.


07050 618445

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Aug 17 2004 21:25

You could try getting in touch with the newly formed Northampton Solfed group, email ...

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Jun 27 2010 19:49

There's the beginnings of an Anarchist Federation group in area:

We've met a few times in Guildford and intend to make contact with other anarcho-communists for ideas and action. The Farnborough Air Show 2010 comes to mind.

contact: surreyhants 'at'