Regional Stop War News : March 2006

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Regional Stop War News : March 2006

Hello Midlands


Welcome to the contents page of this Regional Anti-War Newsletter.

Publicising events in the South & South West, Wales & West Midlands.

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[Covering South & South West, Wales & West Midlands]

RADIATION ALERT: Radiation detectors at AWE Aldermastion recorded a fourfold increase in uranium levels in the atmosphere after the “shock and awe” bombing campaign against Iraq, according to a report. Environmental scientists who uncovered the figures through freedom of information laws say it is evidence that depleted uranium from U.S shells was carried by wind currents to Britain.


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01) ^~+ National Demo: 18th March + Other Info

02) *~+ ‘Fairford 5’ House Of Lords Hearings

03) *~+ Peace Tax Seven News : 1st March

04) * + Remember Fallujah! : 2nd April

05) * + F365 - Makes Nukes History!

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Jeremy Clarke of Bristol-Stop-The-War Coalition writes: “Aware of the continuing unpopularity of the ‘war on terror’, George Bush has announced a re-branding. We now have ‘the long war’. At the same time, Britain is sending more troops into Afghanistan & supporting George Bush in propaganda & threats against Iran.

More on the ‘long war’ :,,1703990,00.html

A United Nations report has called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay. Tony Blair can’t bring himself to do any more than call it an ‘anomaly’. A film based on the experiences of 3 British Asians who were imprisoned there was recently shown at the Berlin Festival. When 2 of the actors & 2 of the ex-prisoners returned to Britain they were questioned under the Terrorism Act.

Meanwhile, media reports in Britain concentrate on the ‘slide into civil war’ in Iraq & portray the US & British armies as peacekeepers. In fact they are occupiers & determined to force on to the Iraqi people a constitution a government which divides them & benefits the US & Britain. Iraqis, in many different ways, are resisting this. The turmoil in Iraq is a result of the invasion & occupation. It can’t be solved by the invaders & occupiers. They must leave now & let the Iraqi people decide their own future.

The ‘slide into civil war’ :,,1716598,00.html.

Most journalists never go outside the fortified zones of the occupiers & their reports are based on press briefings from US & British sources. So why are we are told that British troops are different to the Americans? Reports of ill-treatment of Iraqis by British troops are passed off as the work of a few ‘bad apples’. Why then have the local councils in the areas occupied by Britain withdrawn all co-operation with the British army?

More on ‘press briefings’ :,,1704737,00.html

Tony Blair told us that ‘history will judge’ whether he was right to send British troops to join the invasion of Iraq, It is said that history is always written by the winners. Blair may not get the verdict he expects. In Iraq, resistance to the occupation continues. Throughout the world on March 18th there will be demonstrations calling for the US & British troops to be brought home. Join us in London. Details of the coaches from Bristol can be found below. If you can’t come & want to show your support, send us a donation – again details below.”

Realities of life in Basra :,,1710827,00.html

GROUP DESCRIPTION : Bristol STW Coalition produces this newsletter to publicise events & activities in opposition to the so-called 'war on terror'. We are composed of groups & individuals with a wide variety of political & religious views. We are politically non-aligned, but we are also committed to oppose any racist backlash. Bristol STW is not a 'membership' organisation. Any one or group opposed to the 'war on terror' can consider themselves part of Bristol STW, or can continue to be publicised by us while choosing to organise independently of the Coalition. We don't claim (or seek) a monopoly over anti-war sentiment & activity in the city & recognise that many groups & individuals have their own ways of opposing the 'war on terror'. We are also dependent on individual donations for our funding, so if you are able to make a donation please send a cheque or postal order, payable to: Bristol Stop The War Coalition. Post: BSTWC c/o 23 Monmouth Rd, Bristol BS7 8LF. Or you can email us privately :


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"Even those of us who have tried to follow the war closely are not aware of a fraction of the horrors unleashed in Iraq." - Author Arundathi Roy at the World Tribunal on Iraq, Istanbul, 2005.