West Midlands IWW meeting

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Serge Forward
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Jan 20 2007 10:23
West Midlands IWW meeting

There'll be an informal IWW meeting this Wednesday 24 January at 7.00pm in the Crown pub, Corporation Street, Birmingham B4 (near the Magistrates Court). The purpose of this is to hopefully set up a West Midlands IWW group.

When I say it's informal, I mean we've not booked a room but will be in the main bar. We'll position a visible red IWW Globe on our table, so look out for it and come and join us.

So, if you're in the area, come along, bring any friends or workmates along too, and let's see if we can get things up and running in the West Midlands.

(Sorry about posting this in two places, I wasn't sure which one would be best.)

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Jan 20 2007 10:34

good luck!