Translation from Khiaban Issue 5: “Street Combat Techniques”

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Jun 25 2009 17:21
Translation from Khiaban Issue 5: “Street Combat Techniques”

from a Tehran underground newspaper:

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Jun 26 2009 17:01

Looks like an adaptation of the guide to public order situations, originally by Manchester Earth First!:
I bet whoever wrote that never thought they'd make it into a Tehran underground newspaper.

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Jul 15 2009 09:50

Operation blackout with the help of hair straighteners:

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Oct 14 2009 06:08

HI guys

how are you? I would like to introduce this some information about What follows is a brief guide for keeping the street protests alive and safe, as well as slowing or halting the advance of the security forces. This column is divided into two parts, the first of which you can read today, and the second part in the next issue of the ‘Street’ newspaper.

Keep in mind that in these engagements the police are much better equipped and trained than you and I. They have the backup and immunity of the law on their side as well. Remember that when we talk about overcoming the police, we do not mean striking the police.

Do not be tempted to stay and fight. Go to those places where the security forces are absent, and you will be better able to reach your objective (chanting slogans, writing slogans, and other similar activities).

Always keep moving, whether in a group or alone. Close any gaps that form between you and other individuals. Do not stay in one place. Continuous movement will break the concentration of security forces.

The security forces are trying to break up large groups into smaller groups. Try to compel the security forces to break down their formations before they have the opportunity to form them.

Do not be afraid.

Any actions you carry out should be done in small groups, and you should anticipate what and where the action will be.

Maintain a defensive mindset. Look out after one another.

Always keep yourself faced in the direction of the security forces.

Lock your arms together and form human chains. Keep moving briskly but without any commotion or agitation. Do not give the police an opportunity to plan and react.


Staying out of prison and the hospital is not a very difficult thing. Most of the people involved in the street protests will be able to accomplish this. The point is that, with some foresight, you can turn the skills for staying alive under such conditions into a guide for surviving under these conditions.

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