Strike in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia

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Jan 29 2013 21:56
Strike in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia

Around 8,000 contract workers went on strike on Sunday in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, as they protested against a delay in the payment of their salaries, it was reported on Monday.
The workers gathered in the Al Aqeeq District of the capital early on Sunday morning, as security forces were called to try and calm the situation, according to a report in Saudi Gazette.
After talks with police, delegates were assigned to survey the workers’ complaints and to address their grievances to employers.
Workers, contracted by the Ministry of Finance and working on projects including the King Abdullah Financial Centre in Al Aqeeq, refused to move and staged a sit-in for around four hours.
The main complaint by workers, the report said, was a delay in paying salaries, with some claiming wages were up to three to five months in arrears.