Palestine-Israel, The Friday joint actions against occupation, roadblocks, and separation fence.

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Sep 21 2007 21:58
Palestine-Israel, The Friday joint actions against occupation, roadblocks, and separation fence.

This Friday we had two actions - One in Kutsin, and one in Wallage. The Kutsin one have shown the serious regard of the state secret services for the "awful" anarchists against the wall initiative and the efforts they make to evade confrontation. As we warned people who registered to the Friday demonstration that there are high probability for arrest (based on last Saturday experience) the secret services miss understood and concluded that we are planning for a very high profile activity.. They prepared a regional commander decree that the area near Kutsin is a closed military zone. they put an armored car on the local road to intercept us. They ordered us to return to Israel, and black mailed us to accept that by threatening the Israeli Palestinian minibus driver with administrative problems. To be sure we will not digress on the way to Israel, we were followed by a police car, secret service car and army armored car too for a while.

At the same Time, a delegation of Palestinian activists from Bil'in, and villagers of Kutsin demonstrated and marched on the road we took together on last Saturday action - the so called "forbidden road" leading to the road block and the military camp near it. (Last Saturday the state force arrested 13 of us, injured 5 and hit people harshly for marching on the forbidden road.) Surprise surprise, though no Israeli was among the demonstrators, the state forces did not interfere with the march, and when they arrived at the road block they found it open.....

The Friday demonstration in the village Wallage - near Bethlehem, was a variation on previous Fridays' actions.

The main point of the demonstration was the combining of the struggle against the separation fence in building, with the road blocks - the older means of restriction of freedom of the Palestinians in the occupied territories. (with the usual success... as the policy of the state forces is to allow the removal of road blocks during the demonstration and restore them soon afterwards.

Following is the report of a comrade who participated in the demo. The article in Hebrew with pictures is at:
"Like in every Friday of the last few months, this Friday too, tens of Palestinian peace activists, Israelis* and internationals, arrived for the demonstration against the separation fence which is being built in the Wallage village near Har Gilo.

As the previous demonstration that was at the route of the separation fence was dispersed with high level of violence - with nine injured demonstrators, this week the people choose the way to the main entrance road to the village. With joint efforts, they succeeded to remove the road block and enabled free traffic to the neighboring Palestinian village.

The separation fence which is built on the lands of the village to separate between it ind the colonialist settlement Har Gilo, will encircle the village completely leaving only one entrance under control of the Israeli soldiers.
The passage through that entrance will be allowed only inhabitants of the village and will isolate the people of Wallage from the rest of the west bank.
* Mostly organized by the anarchists against the fence initiative.

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Oct 6 2007 17:51

The joint struggle of the Israeli anarchists against the wall and the Palestinians in Bil'in and Um Salmuna.
In Bil'in, the Friday demonstration has in the back ground the last night army intrusion into the village, the arrest of one, the shooting and grenades throwing, and the stone throwing that injured the nose of an Israeli officer. Surprisingly, the state force were holding fire when we arrived at the barbed wire spool marking the closed military zone of the hill the gate in the separation fence is on it. They even held the fire when the camera persons and few comrades crossed the spool of barbed wire and set two meters in front of it. However, when one of the comrade started to walk forward, they started to shower us with tear gas grenades. When this was a sign for the stone throwers to start their confrontation with the soldiers, the state force released all their pent anger and advanced up to the fringe of the built area of the village.

---------------------------Um Salmuna---------------

This Friday, the demonstration against the separation fence and occupation in the Bethlehem region was near the village Um Salmuna. In the late morning the demonstrators marched to the road, crossed it, and even crossed the route of the separation fence in building. However, when they advanced "too fare" towards the colonialist settlement Efratah, the Israeli state force stopped them, and the demonstration ended. The Israelis of the AATW continued from there to the early afternoon demonstration in Bil'in. ("Two in the price of one" as we call it in Israel....)

Palestin-Israel, Video clips of Bil'in demonstration at 5 October 07