A Documentary about Oppression of Kurds from The Eyes of Children

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Jun 25 2015 06:28
A Documentary about Oppression of Kurds from The Eyes of Children

Little Black Fishes - Being a kid in 90's in southeast Turkey

Little Black Fishes is a documentary made by Drama Istanbul. It is a documentary based on interviews with Kurdish children (or adults about their childhood) in southeast Turkey. It shows the experiences of people of state terror. The main focus of the documentary is 90's. It is overall a good source of information to understand the situation of Kurds in Turkey. It is entirely made of interviews, so it might be hard to understand what is the issue being discussed. I can gladly if there is a need for help. (Be warned though it quite disturbing [but only vocally])

The documentary starts with a (rephrased) line from a famous poet in Turkey Ece Ayhan (who is also the translator of kid's book "Little Black Fish" from Samad Behrangi ) I will give it a try myself:

Devlet dersinde öldürülmüş tüm çocuklaqrın anısına,
For all those kids who were killed in "the state lesson"

Video with English subtitles:

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Jun 24 2015 00:20

I finally watched this. I didn't expect to be shocked but I was. I knew Kurds are oppressed in Turkey, but I didn't think it was nearly as bad as what it is, what this film has shown me it is.

I know almost nothing about the politics going on there, but I wasn't confused by the film. At first a bit but I figured it out pretty soon as the film goes along.

For those who've been debating about Rojava, this is a very important film to watch to inform your perspective. (Even though Kurds in Syria don't have the identical experience as in Turkey.) Highly recommended.

Kurremkarmerruk, I wish you'd posted this under a better title! The title of your post gives no hint that the film is about the oppression faced by Kurds.

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Jun 25 2015 06:25

Yeah you are right I will edit the title, I think I just censored myself to not to include the word kurd not to sink in another pointless and circular debate grin However now looking back this title makes it something totally irrelevant to anything,

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Jul 8 2015 10:05

A short news, I think related to documentary above (and has a glimpse of some parts of electoral politics of Kurdish movement):

Three years ago Turkish state bombed and killed about 35 people (nearly all of them were infants) as they were mistaken for terrorists. Link. Nobody got any punishment that ordered or did the bombing. Of course these were kurdish people. Anyway a brother of the killed people named "Ferhat Encü" is now elected to be a parlamento member by HDP (party of Kurdish movement plus many socialist groups). After the killing he declared his conscientious objection and become very active in political rallies in Robovski.

Anyway the repression of local kurdish population is ongoing in Robovski
In the video below Ferhat Encü can be seen at 1:40 (man with white shirt) trying to stop military and leave the area (which he managed to do apparently at the end for now)
He is trying to stop army from diretly firing to kurdish crowds and repsression of kurds in general.

According to this news of the video above.:
He is beaten by army, Soldiers said to him, "We are the state, you are a terrorist." Also the reporters who were with him is threatened to be shot at if they do not get in their bus and move away..

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