Israel, Anarchists* Against the Wall (AATW) initiative request support*1*

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Jul 23 2007 13:22
Israel, Anarchists* Against the Wall (AATW) initiative request support*1*

Dear friend, The mounting legal cost of the joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle against the occupation is forcing us to send this urgent appeal for funds. We are asking for your support to continue the work of the Israeli group Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW). For the past four years*2*, the group has supported*3* the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation and specifically against Israel's segregation wall. Week after week, AATW joins the Palestinian popular resistance against the wall, in diverse areas of the West Bank, including the villages of Bil'in west of Ramallah, al-Ma'asara, and Ertas, south of Bethlehem, and Beit Ummar, north of Hebron.*4*
Activists have often been arrested and indicted for their participation in the struggle. Fortunately, the group is represented by a dedicated lawyer, Adv. Gaby Lasky. Adv. Lasky has tirelessly worked to defend activists arrested at demonstrations or direct actions in the West Bank and in Israel. Though the legal defense she provides AATW is almost a full-time job*5*, she has agreed to be paid only a token fee. However, the group has not managed to cover even this sum, and now owes approximately $40,000 in legal expenses for over 60 indictments. In addition to this enormous legal debt, AATW activists are forced to spend large sums on transportation and phone bills*6*.

Please make a donation that will enable us to continue this struggle*7*.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Anarchists Against the Wall

For more information about AATW, our actions and how to make a donation, visit our website: or contact us at .
I. S. Editor notes:
* The name Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW) was adopted though the spectrum of activists most involved in it is a bit wider. (Not all of them will even define themselves as antiauthoritarian anticapitalists...) This name was a nick name to the direct action against the separation fence at Mas'ha about four years ago that got huge amount of media publicity and thus adopted as a permanent name.

*1* During the years, there was support in various ways: Like minded people and others who just sympathize our struggle did happenings all over the world and besides distribution of information did fund rising for us. Whenever possible, activists from AATW traveled too to these actions.

*2* After a workshop in Leiden conference of the PGA (Summer 2002) about the struggle in our region in which the idea of a joint camp was contemplated, such a camp materialized (Spring 2003) in Mas'ha - near the route of the separation fence. In this camp participated Israeli anarchists and other sympathizers of the idea of joint struggle, and local Palestinians. Gradually, joint actions started and the initiative collected momentum and media cover.

*3* It is more joining a common struggle than external support... Though as an Israeli citizens with "Israeli democratic privilege" we could do some services our Palestinian partners could not do.

*4* Our policy is to come when invited by local villagers initiatives to meet and coordinate and participate when we can. As our fame got momentum, we are invited to join struggles within the borders of Israel too - both by Israeli Palestinian citizens, and by social struggles of the most suppressed (victims of gentrification projects and homeless.) Lately, even a No Border initiative in support of the Darfur refugees is starting.

*5* Due to the internal conflicts within the Israeli system, the permanent availability of an attorney to pressure the various bureaucrats, enabled her to block lot of police harassments. Thus, during the years, thousands of less committed sympathizers and even many curious people of the Israeli left felt immune enough from police harassments and dared to participate in our actions that are nearly always declared illegal. Due to her efforts only few of us spent more than few hours in army or police detention. Very few spent a day till brought before a magistrate that always released them. Some got "work in the service of society". Only two comrades who preferred jail over service or fine served short period in jail.
(Due to her services, even Palestinian partners arrested in the joint demonstrations got less harsh treatment than what the Palestinians usually get.)

*6* As most of the participants are students and high school age with more willing to join the struggle than money to pay for the direct expenses money collected from various supporters is needed even for the subsidizing of transportation costs to the regular Friday demonstrations against the separation fence.

*7* As many more than our like minded comrades are interested in the joint struggle of Israeli Jews and Palestinians against the separation fence and occupation, recruiting their support in various fund rising activity is possible even when the like minded comrades are poor too.....