Iraq needs you, no matter where are u living

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Oct 5 2007 12:25
Iraq needs you, no matter where are u living

Dear Friend,

I have no doubt that you, like any other honest person in the world, suffer from what is happening in Iraq.
We Iraqis are tired of sectarian violence fomented by Iran, we are tired of car bombs, death squads, militias; we are tired of occupation and meddling by other countries,
We don't want Iran to dominate our country; we don't want Iran's puppets like al-Maliki, Jaafari or Abdulmahdi to append our homeland to Iran,
To this end we have staged a comprehensive campaign based on a national, secular and democratic program.
As part of this effort, we need the support of everybody, everywhere,
You can join and support this very humanitarian and democratic cause by signing a petition on the following address:

It doesn't take you more than a minute or two, but provides you the chance to participate in helping millions of people. Try it!

Samira Jasem