HOPI event 28 Nov 2009

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HOPI event 28 Nov 2009

Hopi Annual General Meeting

Saturday November 28 2009
Somers Town Community Centre, 150 Ossulston Street, London NW1 1EE (near Euston station). Registration from 10am.


Since the June 2009 elections, the situation in Iran has dramatically changed. Thousands have taken to the streets in defiant protest – despite the Iranian regime’s history of brutal repression. Initially, they were commonly portrayed as middle-class backers of the leading ‘reformist’ candidate Mir-Hossein Moussavi, but as protests have continued, and Moussavi himself has repeatedly shown his timidity and ties to the theocratic state, the mood has radicalised dramatically and this anger has embroiled wide swathes of the society. Many of those who were initially protesting against the election outcome now question the entire basis of Iran’s Islamic republic and there are daily strikes and protests. Come along to our AGM to discuss this and many other issues.



from 10am
Registration: £10 waged/£5 unwaged

Report of Hopi secretary Mark Fischer, incl. campaigning priorities for the next 12 months

Imperialism’s need for conflict and the situation in the Middle East
With Moshe Machover (Matzpen founder) and Mike Macnair (CPGB)


Why sanctions are not a ’soft alternative’
With Cyrus Bina, author ‘Modern Capitalism and Islamic Ideology in Iran’

Iran’s workers’ movement since the June 2009 elections
With Yassamine Mather, Hopi chair
incl. Launch: Day of solidarity with workers in Iran

There will also be a fundraising event in the evening at the same venue. To find out more, or to reserve your place, send an email to office@hopoi.info