Are there any translators interested in anarchism which like to collaborate?

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May 12 2012 17:11
Are there any translators interested in anarchism which like to collaborate?

Hello everyone, I'm new here in this forum and actually I'm not sure if it's the right one for my question. I hope you can help me out.
I am actually searching for anarchist translators (or translators interested in it) which are interested in collaborating and translating parts of the book "Now and after: ABC of communist anarchism" (1929) by Alexander Berkman for the translation to the arabic language. There are many reasons to appreciate and love this book, one of them is the following:

Berkman's work explains anarchist philosophy in terms that uninitiated readers can understand. The book's chapters are brief, and many of them begin with questions (e.g., "Is Anarchism Violence?", "Will Communist Anarchism Work?"). A number of the ideas he discusses are similar to those proposed in The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin, whom Berkman cites throughout. Berkman avoids the sort of jargon and technical language that is often used by political writers in favor of plain language. As he writes in the "Foreword":

Anarchist books, with few exceptions, are not accessible to the understanding of the average reader. It is the common failing of most works dealing with social questions that they are written on the assumption that the reader is already familiar to a considerable extent with the subject, which is generally not the case at all. As a result there are very few books treating of social problems in a sufficiently simple and intelligible manner. For the above reason I consider a restatement of the Anarchist position very much needed at this time – a restatement in the plainest and clearest terms which can be understood by every one. That is, an ABC of Anarchism

You can find the extended English original in PDF here:,%20Alexander%20-%20Now%20and%20after%20%28ABC%20of%20communist%20anarchi.pdf
The first chapter has been already translated by Muhammad Al-Far, you can read it in his blog:

Are you interested? Or do you know someone who might wish to translate or to collaborate? Or do you know of an already translated version?
Personally, I am a student of Arabic filology in Barcelona but my knowledge of the Arabic language isn't advanced enough for this purpose. Anyway, I would like to collaborate and try to translate some parts with the help of an Arabic speaker.