Anarchism in Israel

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Aug 15 2012 22:33
Anarchism in Israel

Greetings from Israel, we are happy that we finally made our account at libcom. I 'm activist from Anarchist Communist Front "Unity"(ACF "Unity"). Our organisation is standing on poistions of social anarchism and class struggle. We are here for answering your questions and sharing information.
Here is our facebook page
Click here
And also our blog (in hebrew)

Salut and anarchy!

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Aug 15 2012 23:21

Welcome to libcom

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Aug 15 2012 23:51

welcome. excited to see you here on libcom and looking forward to your input on the situation in Israel.

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Nov 19 2012 08:52


anyone know what these folks have been up to recently, with the Gaza war etc.? most of their blog and FB are in Hebrew which I can't read; there are however some photos from anti-war protests in Tel Aviv (I think?).

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Nov 20 2012 14:41

Use Google Chrome, and it will translate everything into English for you.