Abluted hand of imperialism: Turkey

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Feb 20 2012 10:13
Abluted hand of imperialism: Turkey

Some time ago Turkey and his prime minester appeared the role model of the Arabian salvation from tyrants. Even Angelina Jolie, a holywood celebrity and UN peace amrassodor came to Turkey to visit refugee camps. She mentioned Turkish hopitality, well manner and good efforts of help. We can agree all these just for a well prepared commercial.

Turkey is choosing refugees for its own interests. If the refugees pledged to work for Turkish interest they stay. If they are leftists they are sended to detantion camp just one km to the border of Syria. This intolerable camp forces refugees to sign a deportation paper with their own will.

Libyans are hosted in 5 star hotels at well known holiday spots in Turkey. Drunk Libyan soldiers often seen on news with public offences. All these are because Turkey is trying to influence some population to have rights on Libya and to have a paramiliter force in Libya. Because these refugees are mostly soldiers.

Conflict of interests occures among the allies this way. I guess most famouse one is between France and Turkey on oil of Libya. But also domestic conflict is observed recently between the Erdogan goverment and the Nur community. Nur community lately dictating millitary action against Syria and Iran with USA. But Erdogan is postponing this acts and still trying to get advantage of trade. His power on Turkish public mostly depends on this. In practical actions they still obey their wetern imperialist allies like installing the missile radar gainst Iran in favor of Israel. Few days ago Israel radar and Nato radar configured to work together. But in the other hand some of rebellion leaders from Syria represented back to Syria by intelligency service of Turkey after Syria captured 49 agents of intelligency from Turkey. Gulen from usa leader of the Nur community demanded the head of intelligency. Judgemental system which is mostly controlled by the Nur community demanded chief of Turkish intelligency service to be judged. The government was full supporting these prosecutor until that moment. This prosecuters are running a case on Turkish army top generals, few general chief of stuff inclueded. Yesterday governmet agreed on a law that gives prime minester right to refuse any attempt of jurisdiction to anybody. This law passed the parliament in a day and approved by the president in total 2 days.

Now it seems like Fettullah and his community back stepped and Erdogan is holding bridle tight. But also he is getting some surgical operation lately which is classified to public which might be cancer.