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Sep 5 2005 09:44
WR Public Forum in London

Saturday Sept 24th, 2005 - 16:00-19.00

Subject: The working class against terrorism and state terror

Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, (Nearest tube: Holborn).

There will be a presentation from the ICC followed by an open discussion. All those who wish to discuss this question from a proletarian perspective are welcome to attend.

World Revolution,

Section in Britain of the ICC.

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Sep 5 2005 10:04
wld_rvn wrote:
All those who wish to discuss this question from a proletarian perspective are welcome to attend.

Is this how you shut people up who you don't want to speak, by declaring they do not have a proletarian perspective? Let me guess, the only organisation out there that does have a proletarian perspective begins with I and ends in ......... C?

If only other groups had thought of this excellent idea years ago.

I can remember Class War public meetings in London with 100+ at them, many attending a political meeting for either the first time in years or the first time ever.

As soon as the speakers would finish it would be time for questions from the floor. The first person to catch the speakers eye would be from the Spartacist League, the second from the ICC......... people would begin to leave. Others would try to get the meeting back on track, the Sparts and other loonies would then start shouting at the Chair, and even more people would head for the door.

If only we had thought of your "proletarian perspective" scam, and used it to treat you with the disdain you treat everyone else. We may actually have kept a decent number of working class people interested in politics, rather than letting looney tunes like you drive them away for good.

Oh good look at your forum by the way, rumours that Class War and other anarchist groups are leafletting homeless hostels throughout inner London advertising the meeting as coming with free food and beer are of course an exaggeration................