Untouchables - New Book on Scotland Yard corruption

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Nov 12 2004 14:08
Untouchables - New Book on Scotland Yard corruption

People may have spotted flyers for this book rather naughtily flyposted onto Stoke Newington police station recently!

Its full title is "Untouchables: Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard" and its by Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn.

Gillard and Flynn both fell out with The Guardian over the papers refusal to back their investigations into the Yard (a bit too real for the Farringdon liberals) and the book, as well as horrifying the Met, will make pretty unpleasant reading for some of the Met's pet journalists (one Graeme McLagan, refused to be interviewed for the book).

More details at:


Given how notoriously litigious the Police Federation is, those interested in getting the book should, as they saying goes, buy it before they ban it!

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Jacques Roux
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Nov 17 2004 11:06

Sounds interesting...

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Dec 29 2004 21:47

One gem in this book is that some police units carry what is known as a "first aid kit".

This comprises wigs, balaclavas and an imitation pistol.

Should the cops kill someone in the cause of duty, or make an arrest where evidence they expect to have found is sadly lacking, the "first aid kit" is promptly opened.........