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Jun 1 2010 14:08

Hey there,

I am looking to interview a squatter in East London for a feature piece in a magazine. I am really interested in hearing your stories so if you would like to tell yours, please get in contact.



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Jun 9 2010 07:27

For anyone who is genuinely interested in finding a squat, it's worth checking out the 56a Infoshop as there's regular squatting workshops and a noticeboard of empties/people looking for fellow squatters. Good luck!

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Jul 25 2010 23:01

Hi guys,
I'm james and am moving to london from dublin in september.

i'm looking for a squat to live in round east london somewhere.
im pretty chilled out, like to have a good time, im broke and want to do an internship and as they're usually not pretty money orientated im looking for a squat.

any takers?

give me a shout

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Jun 13 2011 11:50

Hi people, im in London, looking for people looking for a squat or who has a squat looking for people. Either way I need a place and maybe can help some1 out at the same time. Good luck every1

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Jun 21 2011 20:50

Yeah I'm up for this in the UK or Malta where I am now, or probably other places!

I'll message you Rizla! smile

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Jul 6 2011 03:24

I am also interested in finding a squat

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Aug 15 2011 12:38

Also looking to squat in London,
message me if you are in the same position/ could offer me some help

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Aug 28 2011 13:04

me and my mate are also lookin for people to squat a house with. if interested pm me. we r to film students, broke as fuck and creative as hell to make ourselfs a nice comfi home.

@bremen-nacht chek your inbox mate wink

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Oct 17 2011 19:53

Hey to all,
i am working on a photo project of foreigners, preferably the ones from czech republic squatting in london.
Please get in touch if possible, this is not a commercial project, but my MA project to school!
and if there is anyone who is seeking a person to squat with i will be more than happy too as my
financial situation is not great due to my studies but don't have any people to squat with as the ones
i know either gave it up or don't have space...(
Hope to hear from you,

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Nov 4 2011 17:51

Hey all,

Struggling to pay my rent to the big man and work has dried up. Anyone out there need some extra hands in return for some space in a squat? I'd be happy to open one with a gang.



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Nov 5 2011 00:05

Hi guys, new to the site so hello to you all smile Anyone know of any squats in the west mids area, worcs, droitwich, kiddy areas? Sick of sofa surfing and would love somewhere to make home, also happy to help open up a new squat with the right people!



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Nov 22 2011 16:37

If anyone is after a squat in Grays Essex there’s a suitable property in russel road (the first house on the left) its been empty for years I think the woman who lived there moved abroad and its never been touched since

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Dec 17 2011 01:50

Hi smile
I've just experienced quite a sour break up with my partner.
Im looking to head to london for a fresh start.
Im a 22 year old Gay male, I love to party but also understand i need to pull my weight.
In the situation im in im looking for a squat in the North london area.
But as well as a squat mate im looking to make friends.
Would love to hear from you.

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Jan 17 2012 19:55

looking to move to london soon and find a squat if you no of any please let me no

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Awesome Dude
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Jan 31 2012 18:10

Visit Advisory Service for Sqatters (ASS) which is located at the top of Freedom Bookshop. They'll get you in touch with squatting types.

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Apr 29 2012 09:43

Hi, i am really glad to have found this page! A bit about me: i am anna, 24 from germany. last year i have been for the first time in london ( i didnt plan to come there- was on the way to glastonbury with a friend, but we seperated and thus i just decided to go to london alone). i didnt have any place to stay, so just talked to some guys, who offered me a place to stay for one night. next morning they brought me to the internet café. again i met another guy who offered me to stay one week at his place. afterwards i met some other new friends and so on. somehow i managed to be there for 3 months, always staying somewhere else and i have really met some great people. one of my friends also squatted in the 90ies. I have met many homeless people on the street and personally i also had some bad experiences- for example i had a sleeping bag but someone stole it (now i have another feeling. i think the other person must have needed it much more than myself- as it was pretty cold outside, and at least i could stay inside with some friends).
Anyway i am looking for a job in London, as i am planning to come back soon. I absolutulety love this city! I am a bit crazy, but so is this city. And when i have been there i could really feel this spirit of London. It was like my prayers got answered immediately and i just listened much more to my heart than in any other city i have ever been to. No joke... io must have some deep connection with this city ... i cant wait to be back there.
pleaseif anybody knows about a cool sqaut,please please let me know!!
I am grateful for every single reply that i get....


anna (aka bananabells- nick name given by a good old friend)

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May 5 2012 08:33

Hi, I need a place to squat by 15/5, I'm currently living in Ilford so east london and essex would do great.

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May 17 2012 07:06

Hi Katie G, the property in Russell road gray’s Essex is still laying empty and would make a great squat

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Jul 29 2012 11:57

Need a place too squad...! Im new in London and live on the streets.. Let me know!

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Aug 1 2012 15:13

Know of a really good empty in Ealing, owners abroad, empty for over six months and now up to let. Easy access from public park at back garden. Email for further info.

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Aug 13 2012 10:46

Hi Luke, funny thing happened to me , I just got back from Canada last week after being 10months there , and find myself in the same situation as you , my problem also is that I lived 20years in France before that, I am British and British passport holder. I think we both need help to find out what to do first and where to go to get back into the system (I hate that expression) In the meantime good luck to you , any info I find that could be useful to you I will post here , take care.

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Sep 11 2012 10:25

glebb i live in stanford le hope and im goint open this squatt on russel road, whats the address ?

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Sep 26 2012 15:42

heet guys, swedish dude looking for a squat in london, or some cool guys to get started with. did some squatting in barcelona this year, but time to go to london now. peace

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Jan 22 2013 20:32

Hello London
I'm a 32 year old irish guy looking for a place to put me head down for a couple of months to save for future travels..I'd be great full for any leads

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May 11 2013 16:56

Yeah, I desperately need a squat now. Most people I know are either getting evicted or any help would be awesome?

The people
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Jun 5 2013 12:52

Hi all,

My name is Geo I am preparing a trip and to save some cash I'd like to squat with some other people! Anything available in London within the next couple of months for a long term squat will be suitable smile

Thanks in advance!

The people
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Jun 5 2013 13:24

Hey any luck so far? Need to find one too!

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Jun 27 2013 17:16

Hey, I'm looking for a place to squat in London somewhere, not fussy where. Anyone looking for people to squat with or who can help me out at all get in touch! Cheers

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Aug 19 2013 16:28

High does anyone need a place to squat in Essex, there this flat in canvey island Essex number 7 church parade is vacant but only until the weekend, just had a brand new kitchen fitted as well smile

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Aug 19 2013 18:54

Does anyone need a place to squat!! theres a vacant flat on canvey in Essex, 7 church parade, canvey Essex its on google maps and empty until weekend..