Ex Grand Banks will rise again

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Dec 8 2004 22:01
Ex Grand Banks will rise again

a certain RKN my relegate this to the London section, but I think it's pretty cool. Mr. T

As a sad pathetic member of CAMRA and a fan of real ale, I often browse to London Drinker through a fog of hops, well tonight I was sat in my local Wetherspoons shuffleing through the pages and what do I come across in the Capital Drinker section?

I quote:

New & Reopened Pubs & Pubs Converted to Real Ale:

NW5 - GRAND BANKS - 156-158 Fortress Road. Free House in former bank premises opened c2000 (?) but not previously reported and currently closed, future uncertain

How cool?!?!?!?!

Sat in a pub, I thought it was fuckin cool!!! Mr. T Mr. T Mr. T

We have subverted CAMRA!!! up the anarcho alcoholics!!!

I think this is Freedom worthy! wink

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Dec 13 2004 18:37

Actually, the Workers Beer Company had started the process to buying the grandbanks before the wombles found the door open. However it turned out that the person trying to sell it to them did not actual seem to own it - so the deal fell apart.

Anyway, I am sure we will see a new building for the wombles before the grandbanks get openned again in a commercial sense.

In the meantime (shameless self promotion coming approaching...)

come to the rampART... sixth months of autonomy

Born in the what may have been the final weeks of the wombles ex-grandbanks social centre, the rampART has been a space in time - a time in space - providing opportunities within the big smoke for autonomous alternative progressive non-hirachical self-organised self-motivated DIY culture....

Six months since opening, the rampART creative space and social centre is about to celebrate it's six month window of exisitance and invites you to participate, comment and evolve.

17th and 18th Dec will see a festival of celebration to which you are all invited...

During the last six months rampART has hosted free community cinema every week. Films shown include; Fight Club, The Forth World War, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, The Globalisation Tapes, Indefensible and Metropolis plus some of the latest blockbusters, such as I Robot and The Day After Tomorrow. On July 4th we premiered Michael Moores 'Fahrenheit 911' as part of an ‘Independence FROM America’ themed evening. At it's peak, 120 people squeezed in for a documentary about McLibel and a premiere of ‘Supersize Me’. As well as the regular cinema, rampART has been a gallery for ‘a beginning...’, the first exihibtion of a young london artist; photo exhibition space for ZDO9; regular haunt of the European Creative Forum, including the massive free festival for peace with Peace Not War; venue for a week long ‘Venezuela Solidarity’ event; blown away for a cracking rising tide benefit gig to raise some dosh for climate change campaigning in London; homebase for the Laboritory of Inserectional Imagination during the European Social Forum plus laying on free food, a huge range of entertainment plus accomodation for 50 european visitors; space for the band Gertrude to record tracks for their next album; fortnightly queerT party; regular venue for bolivian and chillean solidarity groups raising money for political prisoners; braved issues of Africa with a weeklong series of talks, films, food and discussion; precarity ideas & direct action, and been streaming some wicked radio with spoken word, revolutionry tunes and local DJs/MCs on the decks nearly every night.

A two day fesitival of autonomy with workshops, presentations, peformance and music is planned for the 17th and 18th of December. The aim is to breath life into the concept of autonomous spaces for 2005 and to raise funds for the continuation of the rampART in this current tempoary space and perhaps beyond.

For various reasons it is expected that the rampart will hit the wall around march and other spaces on London open around the same time. The rampART needs a little injection of cash to pay a few essentials in order to make it through to this period of transition.

Hence the ramPARTY...

The two day event includes an open day on saturday afternoon (18th Dec) with a variety of workshops being laid on by groups and individuals who have used the rampART space during the last 6 months. Other autonomous spaces and projects from around London and beyond are encouraged to come and make presentations, thus helping to raise awareness of the various cool things that are happening and which people can get involved in. Please contact rampART if you'd like to get involved. (mailto rampart@mutualaid.org)

rampART benefit festival programme [full programme on www.rampart.co.nr]

Friday 17th Dec

7pm Freegan food and alt fashion show

8pm Open mic and spoken word

9pm The Rub and Angel

10pm Surge - live electronic set with visuals from

11pm DJ Milo (Oldskool elktro & funk vibes)

12pm DJ Fusie (UKG)

1am DJ Syo (Hip-hop & rap classix)

VJ's mickey- freedom, james- x, silent eclipse, eykon

Saturday 18th (open-day from midday)


1pm open source software (creative media lab - 1st floor)

130 social centres network (library - 1st floor)

2pm stenciling (painting room - 2nd floor)

2.30 subvertiseing (painting room - 2nd floor)

3pm video editing (the hub - 2nd floor)

3.30 screenprinting (painting room - 2nd floor)

4pm DIY fashion and costume making (costume room - 2nd floor)

4.30 radio workshop (recording studio - 2nd floor)

5pm drumming and juggling (hall ground floor)

6pm Food & Schnews Movies, Undercurrents and Real2Reel

8pm Acoustic music and spoken word.

9pm Cabaret with Saddam and the Lookalikes

10pm Colin Halliwell (loud one man four piece rock and roll band)

10.30 Lower Depth (punk)

11pm Davidcronenbergswife (alternative)

12pm DJ Sexyrubbersole (d'n'b)

1am dj Chakmig (breakbeat/d'n'b)

Exhibitions photos, paintings and mixed media paintings around the building

SOOOO!!!! this is your party, your event, your space, your time...!

We need, want, YOU!

As well as the need for cash to pay electricity, water and internet connecttion... we need, (WE as in the wider MOVEMENT (if such exists)) energy, input and involvement.

SO!!! this is NOT a ramPARTY! it is YOURparty! We want and need to hear from YOU!

Tell US and the WORLD! what this space has meant to you and 'the movement'.

Comment NOW on how the rampART has contributed to the move towards autonomy and a better future (or not!)...

PLEASE!! promote and network the dates 17th / 18th Dec for the ramPARTY!. Not just for the immeadiate need for cash for bills, but also the need to continue the energy, space, initiative and possibilities of SPACE in london and beyond.


nothing else will do. this is DIY culture



spread the word


B E T H E F U C K I N G F U T U R E !

Jason Cortez
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Dec 14 2004 23:32

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