Anarchist Picnic - Sunday 17 July 2005

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Jul 8 2005 11:57
Anarchist Picnic - Sunday 17 July 2005

South London Solidarity Federation are organising an anarchist picnic to mark the anniversary of the spark that lit the flame of the Spanish Revolution. In Barcelona on the 19 July 1936, workers militias of the CNT (Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo) seized arms to resist fascism.

A chance to celebrate our history, socialise, make contacts, swap ideas, and more.

Where: Blackheath SE3, in the area bordered by Shooters Hill Road, Goffers Road, Whitfield Road & Mounts Pound Road.

When: 12 noon on Sunday 17 July.


To Blackheath

Rail: Blackheath

Bus: 53, 54, 89, 108, 202, 320

To Greenwich (20 minute walk up the hill through Greenwich Park)

Rail/DLR: Greenwich

Buses: 177, 180, 188, 199,+SE3&searchp=newsearch.srf&mapp=newmap.srf

Keep an eye out for the red & black flag, as used at Albert Meltzer's funeral.

red n black star

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the button
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Jul 11 2005 10:10

...... oh yeah, and it's "Bring what you expect to find."

(If you think we're cooking/getting the booze in for you lot..... *grumble*)


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Jul 11 2005 14:40

On that note, does anyone know if anythings planned for barcelona next year, like there was in 96?

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Jacques Roux
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Aug 14 2005 00:47

How did this go btw?