'gangster', banned posters, and impostors - some notes

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'gangster', banned posters, and impostors - some notes

Many people here will be aware of the poster, gangster (who we shall call "T" here), who was banned a couple of weeks ago after many disruptive and abusive posts over the past couple of years, including physical threats against other forum users. This culminated recently in him launching a large number of unprovoked verbal attacks on the Anarchist Federation, its events and some of its members.

Having been repeatedly warned, had posts and threads deleted and then given a final warning he continued to disrupt threads and was banned.

Since then he re-registered with the username "Arthur Scargill" and continued his attacks on the AF. When he was re-banned he claimed to the libcom.org group that he was in fact a well-known anarchist "Dave D" (full name omitted, but people who know him know him...) and could we please let him back on. Consequently, knowing Dave D as a good comrade we let him back on, but it soon became apparent that Arthur Scargill really was T after all, and he had falsely used Dave's name to attack the AF and re-gain entry to this forum.

If anyone has received any private messages from "Arthur Scargill" purporting to be from Dave - they are not. If you have let us in the libcom.org team know.

Dave has requested that we inform people that he is:

...outraged that anyone within the movement would have the cheak to pretend to be someones elses ideas and responses, its the worst kind of theft, and highly dangerous in sowing division in an already highly fractured movement.

We thought we would take this opportunity to make the general point that posters imitating other individuals will not be tolerated, and we are not stupid, we will find out who you are, announce what you have done and you will be permanently banned from these forums.

We have decided not to reveal T's real identity, but his actions were inexcusable - using someone else's real identity to carry out his sectarian shitstirring. We would also like to thank the posters who informed us of their suspicions, and request that people do let us know of any suspect posters on the boards.

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