*from osaka city, aus osaka stadt, v osaka miast, 大阪より…

*a comrade in osaka was arrested,,,
Comrades and Affinities;

saluton from osaka. by the way, this time, we must tell you about unfortunate suppression in here. on 31 Aug 2006, a homeless liberation activist of osaka was arrested by gestapos of sonezaki-polizei office.
this comrade shouted & strongly said "do not walk behind me right now!" then, gestapos ran away.
...for a while, gestapos returned in his sight, and then...he was suddenly arrested by gestapos as a criminal of threatening.
still now, he is in a cage of sonezaki-polizei office...maybe.
on that time, japanese emperor's son visited to osaka. recently, some gestapos had harassed him by walking behind him...etc for a long time every days! if you will be able to write any msg to him, e-mail to: rebel_factory(no scums!)riseup(dot)net
please wait further updating & detail of his situation. thanx.

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